Pass the Legacy Premise : 3

The Golden Generation is burdened by their grown children’s absence in the Kingdom

Three out of four parents with grown children sitting in our church pews have at least one child not walking in a relationship with the Lord (Rienow, Never Too Late).  Many of these “gparents” feel a heart-wrenching burden for their children and grandchildren yet there is little teaching or even encouragement from our churches on how to reach these grown/grandchildren. There is ministry in our churches for youth, children, men, women etc but there is little ministry directed specifically to the needs of this “golden generation”  —  especially in regards to encouraging faith in the next generations.  It is the mission of “Pass the Legacy” to address some of the needs of this generation and give them tools to reach their grown/grandchildren.

Bhutan:  Grandmother with her granddaughter.

Bhutan: Grandmother with her granddaughter.

Premise 1:  Parents and grandparents have been called by God to encourage faith in their children and grandchildren.

Premise 2:  As a culture, we are generally not intentional faith builders as grand parents and “grown” parents of our children.


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