Catherine Jacobs

Catherine Jacobs has lived in the SC Lowcountry for 35 years.  During that time she raised her family of four children and became heavily invested in her community church.  St. Paul’s, Summerville, eventually became both a place of worship and employment, as she served on the parish staff for 14 years as the full-time Director of Children and Family Ministry.
As part of this team, Catherine transformed the children’s ministry into a center for training parents and grandparents who encourage their children to become life long followers of Jesus.  This passion for increasing the impact of a parent and grandparent’s impact on their child’s heart led to the creation of Pass the Legacy.
Today, Catherine continues her service to the Kingdom and fellow grandparents and grown parents through the ministry of Pass the Legacy.

She is the highly honored grandmother of Nathaniel, Ella, Caleb, Griffin, and Uriah.

2 responses to “Catherine Jacobs

  1. Greeting from Oklahoma! So pleased to find your website! We are Shawn and Amber Crawley of Family Legacy, with much the same purposes in ministry. We serve full-time in Shawnee, OK through the North American Mission Board.
    We are preparing to lead a parent-child dedication in our church and want emphasize multi-generational faithfulness. I am looking for a letter/document with prompts to aid parents/grandparents in writing down their own faith story for their children and grandchildren. Do you know of any such a document? We’d like to include it in the family gift bags if possible.
    So grateful for any help you might be able to give.
    For the generations,
    Shawn and Amber Crawley


    • Hi, Amber! What a blessing to hear from you! And, how wonderful that you are emphasizing multi-generational faithfulness to your church families. May I recommend that you go to and look at their “Legacy Journal”. This is a great tool for parents (and grandparents) to use to write their stories for their children. Cavin Harper, executive director of CGN, is a close friend and peer of mine. He’d love to help you! I’ve already mentioned your request to him.

      Also, there are great books you can get online for a similar purpose. Three I find interesting are:
      1) “Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma & Grandpa” by Stuart Gustafson and Robyn F Spizman
      ISBN # 9 781598 694802
      2) “I Want You to Know Me … Love, Grandma” by Vickie Mullins ISBN # 09769923-5-3
      3) “A Mother’s Legacy” by Hallmark ISBN # 978-1-59530-155-0

      Hope these are helpful to you! Keep me posted. I’d love to hear what you think and how it goes?

      Blessings to you in your ministry for the Lord!
      Catherine Jacobs


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