Grand Day

Grand Camp in One Day

Since some people cannot attend the five-day Grand Camp, churches have planned a “Grand Day”.  This is the best of Grand Camp offered in one day at a local church.  Often several churches join together to give their grandparents a spectacular one-day event with their grandchildren, ages 6 – 12. The day begins with Family Worship where fun songs and active teachings are presented.  Next the grandchildren are whisked off to Bible stories, crafts and theme-related activities. Meanwhile, the grandparents slip off to a one-hour workshop, “GrandBits”.  This hour is filled with tidbits to equip these seniors to be “courageous grandparents” in the 21st century.  After the workshop, the grandparents join their grandkids making crafts and playing some “crazy” games.  Lunch is served, usually picnic style, so that everyone can catch their breath, enjoying the fellowship of friends and family.  Closing the “Grand Day” is a special ceremony where grandparents speak a blessing over their grandchildren.  Reputation has it that the day easily becomes a special memory between grandparents and their beloved grandchildren, lasting a life-time.

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