Practical Tips for Passing a Legacy

Practical Tips for Intentional Grandparenting

  1. Thanksgiving:  Sign-In Sheet/Chart
    • Have everyone “sign in” as they arrive for Thanksgiving Day Dinner. Beside each person’s name, have each one write 3 things for which he is thankful.
    • After Thanksgiving Day Dinner, as food is settling (!), perhaps still at the table, bring the chart to the table.  Have everyone read what he wrote.  Then, holding hands, bow your heads and thank the Lord for every item.
  2. Christmas:  Birthday Cake for Jesus and gifts for Jesus
    • Gather grandkids together.  Make special/favorite cake.  Decorate with candles.
    • Gather around together first thing Christmas morning and SERVE! (yes, sugar!)
    • Or serve the BD cake as a special dessert at Christmas Dinner making a big “to do” as bringing out the lit cake. Sing “Happy Birthday, Jesus”.
    • In addition to a Christmas present, give a “gift” to Jesus by giving your grown children/grand children money to buy a gift for someone less fortunate than they.  For example, children could buy gloves, a warm blanket etc to take to a homeless person or shelter.
  3. New Year’s Eve:  Say or write a New Year’s Blessing for each family member
    • Write down each blessing so each person can keep it throughout the year.
  4. Valentine’s Day:  On this “day of love”, send a Valentine (snail mail) to each family member.  Say “I love you”!  More importantly, “Jesus loves you!”
  5. Easter:  On Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday), tell the story of the Legend of the Pretzel*.  Serve with grape juice.  End with a special quiet time of prayer.  On Easter Sunday, serve “Resurrection Rolls”.  While eating the rolls, talk about the empty tomb the disciples found on the first Easter morning.  Insert a written prayer or blessing into each person’s Easter basket.
  6. Birthday:  Write or send a Birthday card writing a special note, blessing or  prayer to that person. 
  7. Other Special Occasions:
    1. Beginning of school year: write a prayer for each grandchild that he would fully live into all that the Lord has for him for this year.
    2. End of school year: write a thank you prayer for each grand child for the past year.
    3. Moving into a new house:  write a blessing for this family as they begin a new chapter in their lives.
    4. Beginning/ending of job: write a prayer for each grown child/grand child as they start or end a job.
    5. Family vacations: take some time on your family vacation to have a family devotion or a time of family prayer.


*Google “Legend of the Pretzel” for an account of this story.


Catherine Jacobs
Pass the Legacy Ministry

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