Guidelines for G@P Groups


Gather in someone’s home or church.  (I love for our group here to meet in the Church Building).  Meeting in someone’s home makes it personal, warm.


  1. Welcome!
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Announcements (?)
  4. Simple, short Teaching/Devotional (optional)
  5. Response to teaching
  6. Sharing concerns and prayer requests
  7. Corporate Prayer Time (kneeling? Holding hands)
  8. Individual Prayer Time (people may go to altar if you are in a church or they may go to a corner of the room for privacy)
  9. Closing Prayer Time (together):

“O, Lord, bless and keep our children and grandchildren. Make your face to shine upon them and be gracious to them, turn your face toward them and give them peace!”
(based on Numbers 6:  22 – 27)

10. Blessing:

“May the Lord keep you as the apple of His eye, in the palm of His hand and in the shadow of His wing!”

11. Concluding Remarks:

Go out!   Be Intentional!   Be Prayer Warriors?


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