Pass the Legacy Premise : 2

As a culture, we are generally not intentional faith builders as grand parents and “grown” parents of our children.

Rather than encourage parents to inspire the faith of their children, western society wrongly communicates to us that once children leave for college, get a full time job or join the military; “grown parents”/grandparents have few rights to speak out to the next generations.  Many “gparents” (“grown” parents and grandparents) believe that their role is diminished.  Due to the influence of our culture, grown parents and grandparents feel that they have become a “minor player” in the life of this “major person”  -their grown children.  It is the mission of “Pass the Legacy” to identify this cultural lie and therefore tear down this obstacle between “gparents” and their descendants.  Once again equipped, the golden generation can pass faith, with intentionality, to the next generations and lead “grown” children and grandchildren to become followers of Christ.


Premise 1:  Parents and grandparents have been called by God to encourage faith in their children and grandchildren.


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