Writing my book


Pass the Legacy

7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference

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Writing My Book


Not My Wheel House

Writing a book was never a dream of mine.  For a long time, I was convinced it wasn’t even a possibility.  I can scribble thank you notes, write Sunday school curriculum and, when pressed, author a page-long article on a heart-felt topic.  But write a book?  Nooo, never.  Not me, anyway.

However, fourteen years ago I became a grandmom.  “Nina” they call me, all five of those gorgeous children.  And my life has changed … forever.  At first, I didn’t know  what to do as a grandmom.  I tried cooking dinners for the family.  I bought diapers when they were on sale.  And, of course, delightfully I babysat.  But somehow, there seemed to be something lacking.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  But “it” gnawed at me.  Could there be more to this aged-old role than I realized?  I felt like I was walking in a three dimensional world but on a two dimensional level.  I began to ponder, asking the Lord to show me what I was missing.


A New Journey

Thus began a journey that has become the joy of my life.  GRANDparenting!  In those early days, I aspired to be a good grandparent.  But as I sought the Lord for His vision for this role that had been thrust on me by my daughter and her husband, I discovered something significant.  God desires more than goodness.  Instead He longs for Godliness.  He wants grandparents to make a difference in the lives of their grown children as well as their grandchildren.  His plan, as shown in Psalm 145:4, is for grandpas and grandmas to “tell the next generation about His mighty acts.”  You see, God has a purpose for grandparents.

As I uncovered God’s destiny for me in these senior years of my life, I realized He has called me to this powerful role.  I became excited as I realized there was divine purpose to this season.  My days at age sixty, seventy and beyond are important, even critical.  With my children and grandchildren walking through a turbulent world riddled with terrorism, school shootings and gender confusion, it is more urgent than ever for me to share the love of Christ with them.  I felt compelled to inform my fellow grandparents of this God-designed impact on the next generation.


Sharing ….

I did what I do well: talk!  Eagerly, I shared with peers my new-found discovery for grandparents.  I asked them, “Do you know God has a plan for you as a grandparent?”  Conversations emerged into studies which blossomed into workshops. Today I lead week-end “Pass the Legacy Conferences”.  I love sharing God’s purpose for grandparents.


Write a Book???

Then someone said to me, “Cathy, you should write a book!”  I laughed.  “Who ME?  Write a book?  No, I don’t think so.”

But the thought would not go away.  In fact, it haunted me.  Finally, I gave it a shot.  After several attempts, I crumpled all of the papers.  I decided my writing career was finished before it had begun.  A dear friend came to the rescue offering to take me to a writing conference.  Once again, I tried.  This time I was a bit more successful.


A Roller Coaster Ride ….

Well, three years have passed.  It has been a bumpy adventure loaded with successes and failures. A roller coaster ride, I guess you could say. There were moments where I wanted to propel my computer across the room.  But I am honored to say that on October 23, 2018, my book will be published.  Pass the Legacy: 7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference is a grandmother’s story of becoming a vessel for the Lord.  It is seven basic keys to equip grandparents in influencing the hearts, minds and lives of their grandchildren and grown children.

I’d love for you to read my book and tell me what you think?  My humble prayer is that the Lord will use it to encourage, inform and equip my generation, the grandparents of these early decades of the 21st century. No longer are we to shuffle to the peripheries of our families, churches and communities.  Instead, we are to arise to our God-given place of leading future generations to the Lord. How are we to point our children and grandchildren towards God in this New Age-infiltrated world?  You’ll have to read my book to find out!  In a culture where most seniors retire, know that the Lord is calling us to be life-changers.  We are grandparents making a difference.  There is no higher calling.  There is no greater legacy.


Catherine H. Jacobs
Author of Pass the Legacy: 7 Keys for Grandparents Making a Difference
Founder and Executive Director
Pass the Legacy Ministry

Learn More: Book: Pass The Legacy

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