REPORT : Fall 2016

Under the guidance of PtL Ministry, Grandparent’s Day, September 11, was recognized at various churches within the Low Country.  Many churches had special prayers for and recognition of the GRANDparents within their communities.  Catherine gave a special presentation to the grandparents at All Saints Lutheran Church, Mt Pleasant, SC.  This workshop was the “kick off” for a six week dvd study, “Pass the Legacy:  Seven Keys for ‘Salty’ Grandparents”.  Catherine concluded the study on October 30 with a live presentation on “Grandparenting Matters! God’s Vision for Grandparents”.

St Paul’s Church in Summerville, SC, is leading the way for grandparenting ministry in the Diocese of South Carolina.  Last spring, there was a six week dvd study given on “Pass the Legacy:  Seven Keys for ‘Salty’ Grandparents”.  From that study emerged a board of grandparents committed to launching a ministry specific to grandparents.  This Board sponsored a celebration of “Grandparent’s Day” on September 11.  The celebration was followed by a four week Sunday School class focused on bursting the American myth that grandparents are retired.  The goal of the class was to help grandparents find their purpose in this golden season of life.  Sherry Schumann, Catherine’s newest leader in grandparenting ministry, co-taught the four week class as they presented powerful tools for Godly grandparenting.  The Board looks forward to a winter book study offered at St. Paul’s Church beginning in mid-January, 2017.  The school year will end with grandparents bringing their grandchildren to  “Grand Day Out!”, a day of fun activities and meaningful presentations for multiple generations.

In mid-September, Catherine traveled to Columbia, SC, where she led a two day seminar on “Grandparenting Matters!”.  The focus of the seminar was to encourage, inform and equip grandparents to become “diligently intentional” in their grandparenting.  Topics included “The Power of God’s Word: Restoring Your Soul”, “Babushkas:  Finding the Prayer Warrior Within You”,  “Healing Broken Relationships”, “The Spoken Blessing:  The Jewel of Grandparenting”, and Catherine’s newest presentation, “Telling Your Story:  Passing a Legacy of Faith”.

On Sunday, October 16, Catherine traveled to Darlington, SC, to speak at a luncheon for Grandparents at St. Matthews Church.  Grandparents gathered to hear Catherine speak on the power of the praying grandparent.  “Since the power of prayer is in the One who hears it and not in the one who speaks it,” said Catherine, “our prayers do make a difference.”  “Often, no one else is praying for your loved ones.  It is urgent to rise to God’s calling on our lives as grandparents by falling to our knees in fervent prayers.”  This community of grandparents will follow Catherine’s plea by forming a monthly “G.A.P” group (Grandparents at Prayer).