“Be a Courageous Grandparent in a Post-Modern World”

This workshop is the beginning conversation with grandparents (aunts, uncles, God-parents too!) about how to stand in their God-given role of grandparenting.

“Grandparents at Prayer”  Begin a G@P Ministry in Your Home, Church or Neighborhood

This workshop is encouraging a generation of people to become intentional and strong in their prayers for their families.

“Learning HOW to Use Technology as a Grandparent!”

This workshop is a ‘hands-on’ workshop teaching grandparents how to text, use facebook and skype with their grandkids!

“Rebuilding Bridges with GROWN Children!”

This workshop gives parents and grandparents encouragement, information and tools on how to redeem broken relationships with their grown children.

 “Write It Down!”

A workshop on the importance of passing a written legacy to your family.”  Journals are provided for attendees to begin their own journaling at the workshop under the encouragement of Catherine.

“Grown Parenting for Dummies”

A lively workshop focused on encouraging faith in the heart of your grown child.  more

“Intentional Grand Parenting”

Workshop ideal for a Sunday morning or Bible study special presentation putting the “GRAND” in your grand-parenting.

“Exiting the Pew”

Workshop designed to partner with you in overcoming the fear of grown children vacating the faith.

“Bless Their Heart”

Workshop helping you to partner in prayer for the sake of the next generations.


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