Host a Teaching Event

CJ_Poster_11x17_2013_coffeePass the Legacy recipe for courageous grown parenting…

1 part child (all grown-up)
2 parts very active grand child
1 heaping tbsp. of Matthew 18
1 gallon of weakness
1 mustard seed
3 parts Holy Trinity

Offer a Dessert, Breakfast or Coffee Event

* Gathering, Welcome, and Introductions : Catherine’s Presentation begins
* Dessert/Breakfast/Coffee is served for “Honored guests”(recommend offering opportunity for younger community members to honor older parishioners as servers, bakers etc.)
* Q&A conversation
* Depart

Review cost details and presentation topics here

Catherine will…
Provide Passing the Legacy presentation and engage in discussion and study of scripture relevant to challenges facing the parents of grown children.
The Parish will…
Host a dessert/breakfast/coffee gathering, publicize and offer hospitality for those present.
Download printable posters

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