“AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL …God shed His grace on thee…”

Praying diligently for our nation so that it may return to a God-abiding land for our children and grandchildren. That is one of the top legacies I long to leave my loved ones. Will you join me on your knees in serious prayer over these next 96 days until the election? So much is at stake ….

family portrait

When I was a young girl, ‘bout four feet high,
I remember my dad singing with a tear in his eye.
He lifted his head, his voice and his heart.
He sang “America, The Beautiful” with a passion to impart.
Often he spoke of this nation so great.
How blessed he did feel to be part of these States.
He told of the freedoms God gave to us here.
Realizing, not always do citizens hold them so dear.
“Cathy,” he said as he looked in my eyes,
“Don’t ever forget! America has the prize
Of freedom to worship, to speak and to gather.
These liberties are precious. They greatly matter.”
“BUT … we wouldn’t be here
If God had not planned
To pour out His favor
On this glorious land.”
“Obedience to Christ” my dad said “is key,
If we want this country to continue to be
The great nation it is for all to abide.
There’s no room for Truth or Honor to hide.”
“So, remember to worship
THE God who is true,
This is the first thing
You should daily do.”
“You know our forefathers
Believed in this way.
They pledged their allegiance
To God every day.”
“It impacted their hearts, their lives, their view;
Such that they made sure our Constitution was true
To Biblical living and integrity.
So that all may thrive in the Land of the Free.”
I treasure Dad’s words that now lie deep in my heart.
As I pray for our country with so much to impart.
May God shed His grace on this Land of the Free.
May She stand forever from sea to shining sea.

chj – July 4, 2016


One response to ““AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL …God shed His grace on thee…”

  1. Hi, Cathy!  How do you think Grandcamp went?  I sure hope we can have it again next summer.  I love the blog about your father!  How I envy your having a father like him.   Do you by any chance have it in Word format?  I would love to send it to my grown children. I have spoken to our rector about a g@p group in our parish but he is so busy during the summer he has not been able to do anything about it.  Hoping …..


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