“Salty” Grandparenting Workshops

red_key mainPresentations of “Seven Keys”

Catherine Jacobs, founder and Executive Director of Pass the Legacy Ministry, has developed presentations on the “Seven Keys” to assist grand parents and grown parents. These presentations can be done in various ways:

  • A short talk presenting a brief over view of the “Seven Keys”. This talk casts God’s vision of the calling on grand parents and grown parents to touch the lives and reach the hearts of their loved ones. This talk is excellent for a church service or community gathering.
  • A thirty to forty minute talk going deeper into God’s purpose for grand parents and grown parents. This presentation is for small groups, Sunday School classes or a program for community gatherings. Depending on time frame allowed, small discussion groups can be included based on questions presented by Catherine.
  • A one hour presentation where Catherine has two twenty minute talks. Each talk is followed by a short time of discussion questions that can be done in break-out groups or as a large group.
  • A 90 minute workshop where Catherine makes three twenty minute talks. Each talk can be followed by break-out groups. These workshops can be a brief over view of all seven keys or a longer presentation on two or three selected keys.
  • A week-end conference where Catherine does three workshops extensively presenting all seven keys. Break-out sessions are included in each workshop.

The goal of “salty grandparenting” is to for grandparents to pass to the next generations the ability/vision to see themselves as God sees them  —  full of promise, possibility and potentiality.  Know that God has a plan/purpose for you no matter how old/young you are.  As “salty grandparents,” we are to guard the hearts of our loved ones and help them become aware of God’s presence with them.

View the Seven Keys of Salty Grandparenting


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