Seven Keys for “Salty” Grandparents

Preparing “Salty” Grand Parents and Grown Parents

Salt. It is a very important substance. Years ago humans discovered that if one adds this ingredient to food, the food would burst with a rich flavor.   A further discovery found that salt would preserve the food from rot and decay.

In the Bible we Christians are called to be the salt of the earth — to be that tiny ingredient in society that brings out the full flavor — actually the TRUE flavor — of Life. Without us, Life would be flat, purposeless. Also, by bringing the truth to Life, we “salty” Christians help to protect Life from the decaying lies of our culture.

saltAs Grand Parents, we are called by God to be that “salty” ingredient in the hearts and lives of our children and grand children. We have been given the God-shaped destiny of impacting the lives and touching the hearts of our loved ones such that we pass a legacy of faith in Christ to the next generations. There is no greater legacy!!!

Yet so many of us “Baby Boomers” do not know how to do that? We feel ill-equipped and under-prepared for such a task. To assist us in this great commission are “Seven Keys for ‘Salty’ Grand Parents”. This is not an exhaustive list of steps to take to reach our loved ones. But it is a good place to start in pointing the hearts and minds of our children and grand children towards their Heavenly Father.

A “Saltier” Way of Life : Seven Keys

1. Be a person who surrenders his heart to the Lord

2. Be a person who rests in God’s Word daily

3. Be a person who prays fervently

4. Be a person who pursues healthy relationships with loved ones

5. Be a person who heals broken relationships

6. Be a person who leaves a written legacy

7. Be a person who is intentional

Learn more about a “Salty” way of life…

Catherine Jacobs, founder and Executive Director of Pass the Legacy Ministry, has developed presentations on the “Seven Keys” to assist grand parents and grown parents. These presentations can be done in various ways:

  • A short talk presenting a brief over view of the “Seven Keys”.
  • A thirty to forty minute talk going deeper into God’s purpose for grand parents and grown parents.
  • A one hour presentation where Catherine has two twenty minute talks.
  • A 90 minute workshop where Catherine makes three twenty minute talks.
  • A week-end conference where Catherine does three workshops extensively presenting all seven keys.


2 responses to “Seven Keys for “Salty” Grandparents

  1. Cathy,

    I really like the salty grandparenting imagery you are using. Its really good. Looks like youve done some real good thinking through this for your Seven Keys.

    Nicely done!



  2. I just read your blog outlining the seven keys for Salty Grandparents. You are “right-on” target. I’ll be watching for your DVD release. From one legacy Grandma to another, Charmé


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