Talks for GrownParents and GrandParents

Just wanted to let you know that I recently led a workshop at Good Shepherd on “Encouraging Faith in Children/Grandchildren Who Live Away From Home!”  I am so excited that God is showing favor to this new ministry endeavor.  I had such a wonderful time sharing what God has taught me in ministering to grown children.  It is definitely a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

So, now that I’ve prepared (and practiced!) this workshop, I’d LOVE to give it again?! It went well  and I think these parents/grandparents were so blessed to have a workshop appropriate for their needs as parents of grown children/grandchildren. There were even some tears at a few points.

Parents of grown children often feel a great burden for encouraging the faith in their children. They just need to know that God actually DESIRES for them to reach out to their grown kids (so often we believe the lie that we can’t -or at least, shouldn’t “interfere”). This material in this presentation is quite influenced by Rob Rienow’s book, When They Turn Away.

So,let me know what you think?   I’ll gladly “tweak” any presentation so it will fit your community and your Vision.

Here are some other presentations I’m excited to offer as well.

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