Wondering if this Blogging Shoe Fits


Sounds like “clogging!”

And in a way, it is!!!  Blogging for me feels like clogging.  Sounds far fetched?  Well, there are so many ideas and thoughts bouncing around my head that I visualize them “dancing” in my brain.  So, for the next days, weeks -or whatever (?), I will attempt to put on paper these “energetic dances in my head.”

All of this is done in hopes that there might be a chorus or two that will resonate with you.   I’m not really a “writer” -more of a “chatterer”  (I often say, the Lord gave me the gift of “gab.”)   For many years I have processed life by scribbling regularly on scraps of paper and with this amazing invention of this “blog thing,” I am inspired all the more to write and share with you.

For fourteen years I directed the Children & Family Ministry at my church.  Then I became a “Nina” (our word for “grandmother”) nine years ago and a whole new world opened to me.  Even though I was not prepared for it (too busy, too young, too ….), it has been one of the best gifts God has given to me!

As I have prayed, thought, and sought the Lord in how to be faithful in this now cherished role; I have encountered many lies and misconceptions in our culture about Life  —  particularly in regards to parenting, grand parenting and grown parenting!  Passion has burst within me to set the record straight (!) as I believe is stated in God’s living Word!  Optimistic, I know!  Naive?  Yes!  Foolish?  Probably.  But it is with a huge heart that I “gab” with you about the bold miss truths we buy into in our society -even here in the sunny South, the heartland of the Bible belt.  So, tie up your dancing shoes and join me on this dance floor.  Enjoy a “turn” or two with me in this grown parenting life?!



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